Our Message on Anti-Racism

Message from our Executive Director, Staff and Board of Directors:


"These past weeks we’ve seen broken hearts and righteous anger for all the Black and Brown lives lost to racism embedded in our society and institutions. There is no acceptable space for ingrained racism, social injustice and racial inequality.

Last week we met together as a board. We reopened our conversations about our actions to improve as an organization. Our discussion was more direct than in the past. It was uncomfortable. It was honest. It was the first of many.

Specifically, we realize that our existing anti-discrimination statement is not enough. We recognize that an anti-racism commitment is proactive and not about waiting for people to come to us, but that we need to actively reach out to businesses, associations and groups led by communities of color.

We commit to engaging in an intentional anti-racist review of our organization structure, policies and practices and make changes to align them with our collective goal of dismantling racism. We recognize that understanding differing experiences are at the core of transformation, and at the heart of building a more inclusive organization.

We will listen, learn and recommit to anti-racism, demanding better of ourselves as an organization, as individuals, and as partners to our neighbors, volunteers and communities we touch.

The work of Rebuilding Together Oakland | East Bay has been and always will be to bring neighbors together to strengthen our communities and address structural racism that stands in the way of housing equity. We will continue to fight for the rights of our low-income seniors, our veterans, and our disabled community members. 89% of our clients in Alameda County are Black and Brown. We will never stop until Safe and Healthy Housing is treated as a basic human right, and that Every Person is Living in a Safe and Healthy Home.

We see and hear the brave actions and risks taken by peaceful protesters, your voices speaking loud and clear. We stand with you. We will be the change in support of you. We thank you."


In Partnership and with Love,

Lisa Malul, Lucie Johnova, Sonia Barragan, Jay Hagglund, Mike Adams, Jim Burke, Juan Calderon, John Dilsaver, Mark Epstein, Sally Fitzhugh, Les Hausrath, Mimi Kokoska, Bob Llewellyn, Terry McGlynn, Jeff Scofield, Richard Tong